Monday, September 29, 2008

Scrapbooking is my life!!

I love to scrapbook. There are many times that I look at something and will think of how I can use it in scrapbooking. I make books for myself but also for others. It is a great way to capture all your memories. My kids love to look at them and remember all the fun things they have done in their lives. It also helps me releave stress, just ask my husband. He is happy to give me time to scrap. It makes me a happy person!!

I try to do many different things and make all my pages different. But sometimes I realize that they are all looking the same. That is when I head to the computer for inspiration. I love Cafemom. There are many groups on there that give me great ideas and will give me opinions of how to change a layout to look better! It is nice to have others available to comment on my work and help me improve. I also do not mind if people scraplift my sketches and Layouts. It is all about interpertation and yours will be different than mine. Have fun and I hope you enjoy my blog!!

My Crazy Life!!

What a crazy life. There are so many thing happening in the next few weeks. My middle son will be 16 on October 5th and I am so nervous. You see, my oldest son does not drive but my middle son has been learning to drive and will get his license on the 11th. It just scares me. I will be in tears when he drives off for the first time.

Also, my parents have their 36th wedding anniversary on the 7th. Wow 36 years.

My first wedding anniversary is on the 20th. Does not seem like it has been a year already.

My mom's birthday on the 20th.

My SIL's birthday on the 23rd.

We are having a 1 year anniversary party on the 25th.

My brother's 30th birthday on the 29th.

This is a busy crazy month!!!! But I love it!!! It keeps be busy and moving!!