Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crop in ScrapNmom group on Cafemom!

I have had a great time making so many things in the Scrapnmom's Cafemom group!!! There are so many great challenges going on in the group this week. Here are the things I have gotten done so far.

That is about 30 different things!! Wow!!!! I am so happy to be scrapping it really is therapeutic.
So there are all the things I did for the crop!!! It was amazing!! I don't think I have ever gotten that much done in a week!! But then again, I usually don't have so much free time on my hands like I did this week!

Thanks for the great crop!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Have I told you that I LOVE TO SCRAP?!!

I have been scrapping like crazy lately!! It really helps me to relieve stress and relax! So I have created many things!!! I am trying to use the supplies I have so that means to make my supplies work for the LO I am doing. I have been very creative with this and I am very happy with what I have made. I also have been organizing my supplies to make it easier to use them. That is my biggest problem. I cannot find what I want to use, but now I am getting them all organized so that I can find them!!!

Here are some LO's I have made this last week:


Happy Scrapping!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It is cold!!!!

Ok, We live in Florida!!! Why is it so cold here?? I am just glad that there is no rain on the forecast!! Then we would be frozen!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays!!

I love how this LO turned out! This is a photo of my boys in front of a Lighthouse in GA. Taken August 2007! The sketch is the weekly sketch at Sketchy Thursdays!


I love the view of my boys, the lighthouse is pretty too!! lol!!

Sketchy Thursday, December!

Here is a LO I did based on the sketch posted at Sketchy Thursday!


The photo is of me in High School. The paper is custom paper with my High School colors and name on it. I love that I found it! I used Glossy Accents on the title to make it shiny.

Sketchy Thursdays Second Chance Challenge!

I loved the sketch posted at Sketchy Thursdays!!

Here is the card I made:

Happy scrapping!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I got scrappy tonight!!

Well I decided to put off the house work and get scrappy!! I know none of you have ever done that!! lol!!

Here is a LO I did for the Cafemom group.
Crazy Boys
We were challenged to only use punches and paper. I love it!!

This was another challenge in a Cafemom group. We were challenged to stamp a journalling box on our photo. I love it!!!!
Cherish the moment

The next LO are for the If Its Groovy blog hop!!
This was a challenge posted by Jamie Lynn!
Superman birthday

This LO was for a challenge posted on Natalie's Blog!

We were challenged to let a child make the embellishments. I let my niece make the whole LO!! Then I added the photos of her making it!! She loves to scrap with me!!

This last one was a LO for 2 different challenges. One on Cafemom and one on Marci's blog!

I LOVE how it turned out!!!
Love LO

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday blog hop LO's!!

I am having fun doing the challenges at If it's groovy blog!!

Here is the LO I did for Jen's "Have your cake and eat it too!"
Click here to go to her blog!

Here is a LO I did for Groovy Deb's "celebrate growth" challenge!
Click here to go to here blog!

Here is a LO I did for Lissa'a Sketch challenge!
Click here to go to her blog!

Here is the LO I did for Amy's "Hat" Challenge!
Click here to go to her blog!

Here is the LO I did for Niki Ray's "Birth" day challenge.
Click here to go to her blog!

I am having a great time making these LO's!! I hope that you can join in! There are many prizes to win!!!

Happy scrapping!!!

Word of the Year 2010

I decided to do A Word a Year for 2010. It took me a while to come up with my word. I think this year will be all about using what we have. Giving new life to old things and making the most of what we have. I am bad about impulse buying and so is my hubby!! But not this year!! We are going to find new homes for many items in our home and figure out better ways of using many of the things we have. So my word this year is:


–verb (used with object)

1. to make young again; restore to youthful vigor, appearance, etc.: That vacation has certainly rejuvenated him.
2. to restore to a former state; make fresh or new again: to rejuvenate an old sofa.
3. Physical Geography.
a. to renew the activity, erosive power, etc., of (a stream) by uplift or by removal of a barrier in the stream bed.
b. to impress again the characters of youthful topography on (a region) by the action of rejuvenated streams.
–verb (used without object)
to undergo rejuvenation; revive.


So what is your word of the year? Share a link to your post in the comments or just tell me your word!! I love to hear what everyone is going to focus on this year!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am a Groovy Girl!!!

I am on the design team at If It's Goovy!! I love the group and the blog. They give me so much inspiration and I am so happy to be on the design team!!!

Getting scrappy!!!

I love when I make time to scrap. It really does make the stress of life disappear! My DH is right when he tells me that I need to make time to scrap because I am getting overwhelmed. He is a smart one!!! I was able to make several LO's last night and I want to share them with you.

Here is the first one:
It is based on a challenge posted in this Cafemom group!

Then I did 3 LO's with the same photo, because I do a separate LO for each of my kids.



I am just happy to be scrapping. Hope to get to scrap again today, but DH is home sick. Seems he has what I still have, but he is at the worst point. So we will see what I can accomplish. Have some challenges I would love to get too.

Happy scrapping!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wow! I feel old!!

My oldest son turns 19 on the 9th of January and I am feeling very old!!! When I was 19 I had 2 kids, that seems like yesterday! How can time be flying by so fast. It is still hard to believe that it is 2010!! But I guess we must march on.

Happy Saturday to everyone. I hope to be scrapping later!!! Have a great day!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Rock N Roll!!!

I love this LO!! My niece helped me finish it and it is just perfect. This was a page kit from Colorbox. It turned out great!!
Rock and Roll
My boys love to play Rock Band. They have become pretty good at it. Mathew plays guitar, Hubby sings and Madison plays drums. Michael likes to watch. He sometimes plays the drums. I love to play the drums too!!!

Happy Scrapping!!!

Happy New Year!!!

May your year be full of blessings and all that you hope for!!

Happy scrapping in the new year!!!