Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sketch 87 - Little Shop of Sketches

I am having so much fun scrapping my childhood photos. I would never have thought this would be so fun. I was searching for sketches and I found Little Shop of Sketches.

I love this LO!!!


Such cute kids!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Some great LO's!!!

I love these old photos that I have printed. I have never seen so many photos of me and my sister when we were little. I would love to have more photos of us as we got older, but I am having fun with these. Who knows, maybe I will raid my parents closet and see what photos I can find after I scrap these!

Here are the 2 LO's I made tonight:



I am having so much fun!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some old photos...

My Uncle sent my dad a disc with old photos on it. My dad was nice enough to share it with me and I am so excited to scrap these photos. I have been able to scrap a few pages and I just LOVE them. I think it is the photos that make me so happy, but that is making me scrap!! So I have MOJO again!!!!

Here are a few LO's that I have made this weekend:




I hope to get more scrapped this week! I am loving these photos.

Pencil Lines sketch 243

I love to use sketches to help create scrapbook pages and this weekend I was looking on line and I found Pencil Lines. I was so happy to find them. They were bookmarked on my computer before it crashed. SO glad I found them again. They have a great sketch for this week. Go check it out.

Here is my LO that I created using their sketch:


I have been creating LO's with some old photos my uncle sent to my dad. I love these photos. I will have more LO's to upload soon!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Layouts!

I sat down to scrap and crop with a friend online and saw my Birthday photos and decided that I would scrap my birthday photos and Rob's Birthday photos. I love how they turned out.

Here are the LO's:




Thanks Tracey for hanging out with me. I had a great time scrapping on Skype. Now we need to get more people to join in.