Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is what I have been doing!!!

Well I have been busy getting ready for the craft fair on the 18th and here are some photos of the purses I have made. I still have about 12 left to sew and I am finishing the mini albums that I am making to sell also. I have been so busy making the purses that I have not been able to scrap much. Sad!! But I am excited to sell these and have money for Christmas.

This is the biggest purse. I have made 4 of these, but my mom and SIL claimed 2 of them. I have 4 more cut out to sew and will probably make even more of them.

These little wristlet purses are perfect for teens and people who do not carry much in their purse.

These purses are great too. They have pockets on the inside for your phone or wallet. I am using one of these. Perfect size for me.

This is a little wristlet purse. I love the size!!

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