Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Life seems to be moving much faster. Where did September go....

October is always a very busy month for us.

October 5th, my middle son turned 18 years old. My Aunt also had her birthday (Not saying her age!)

October 7th, Mom and Dad celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary!!

October 9th, My 91 year old grandmother flew in with my Aunt for a visit. We were so happy to see them. They live in Maryland. So they came a long way.

Mathew is the oldest great Grandchild, and we realized that Mathew is 19 and was born is 1991, Nannie is 91 and was born in 1919. We love numbers so this was very cool to us.

October 10th, We spent the day with all the family. Even the cousins we never see. I was nice to get together at mom and dad's and have a cook out.

October 11th, We made dinner at Mom and Dad's with Nannie and Aunt Linda. It was nice to sit and talk.

the rest of the month is just as busy....

October 14th, We are having a great celebration for Michael's birthday and Graduation.

October 20th, We celebrate Mom's birthday and Me and Rob's 3 year anniversary.

October 22nd, We head out for a mini vacation, just Rob and I.

October 29th, My brother's birthday.

October 30th, My nephews birthday.

October 31st, HALLOWEEN!!!!

So this month has been busy and gets busier as we move on. I wonder when I will have time to create. I have been working on some Christmas gifts, but they are not done. I really need to get to work on them. I also have been working on my Halloween costume. I will be Luigi from Super Mario Brothers. Should be fun, we are dressing up at work. My co-worker is dressing up as Mario. I will post pictures for sure!!

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