Friday, November 11, 2011

Great time with family

We had a great time with mom and dad at the fair tonight. It was nice to walk around and enjoy ourselves. Of course we don't ride the rides, but it was fun to watch everyone else ride them!!

Why does fair food taste so good?? Dad and I had a Bradley Sausage dog, Cameron had pizza, Rob had a pulled pork sandwich, mom had a turkey leg and Madison had crab cakes! For dessert we had Funnel cake!! So yummy!!

I wish I could have eaten more food! I would have loves to try the fried Oreos! Or the fried Butter!! Madison did try the fried pickles and he said they were amazing!! I am glad the fair is not here all the time, or I would be in trouble!!!

Ok, I plan on scrapping tomorrow! I am looking for inspiration. Wonder what I will find!!

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