Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am so EXCITED!!!

Some of you know that we have been trying to adopt out of the foster care system in Florida for 2 years now. As of 1/3/2012 we have reached a turning point. We met a little boy named Hunter. He is an amazing little boy. We have spent a few days with him now and he will become our little boy. We have a few more visits before he will move in with us. We are trying to get the house ready for him too. We will be moving Madison (our 18 year old son) to the room off the garage so that Hunter will have a room across the hall from us. He will be next door to Cameron. Cameron and Hunter will go to the same school, they are one grade apart. Hunter has been doing so well since he found out that we "Want" him.

It really is amazing to see how these kids just light up when they learn that some one "wants" them. That is all they really want, to be "wanted". I know that things are going to change around here, and I can't wait!!!

I will post more as we get closer to bringing him home. The process is a little time consuming, but we are trying to have patience!!

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