Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Weekend

Well I had lots to do to finish Christmas gifts. Thought I was done, but when I could not find the right gift I decided to make it...

Here is the Explosion Box I made for my boys Nanna. We will fill it with photos from this Christmas.

Explosion Box

Here is another one I made for my son's grilfriend's mom! My son's girlfriend is going to put the photos in it from this Christmas.

Explotion box 2

I also got some LO's done:
One about my DH and our 1 year anniversary party.

My Superman

One for a challenge in

Fishing LO

And another one as a Chipboard challenge. We were challenged to wrap chipboard like a gift.

Christmas LO

So, that was my weekend. Not planning on doing much scrapping this week with all the baking and visiting that will be going on. But will be busy next week doing all the photos from Christmas!!!


  1. Oh I like the explosion boxes! I have one last gift to make. Well, finish making...I am almost done making a mini album out of cardstock and ribbon, etc...for my mother in law. I am putting it in an latered tin I made that looks like a covered wagon(You might have seen it in a challenge). Cuz she loves horses and she can display it with her horses and have pics of my 4 kids to show off. SHe doesn't do pictures up on the wall, so this will work and it won't get stuffed into a drawer like loose pictures would!

  2. Cute stuff you did! Just stopping by from Let's scrap