Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lets make an Advent Calendar!!

I had a great time making these calendars. One is for my house and one is for my Nieces.

The first one I made I followed a pattern that I saw at a family members house. They just used cloth pins on ribbon with the numbers on it. I added die cuts to mine to make it more festive. I love my Cricut!! I was able to make this in one night. But had to let the Stickles dry over night.
Advent Calendar for me

Then this calendar I did based on a challenge posted on Cafe mom. Here is the LINK!
I love how it turned out!!!! My nieces are going to love it!!
Advent Calendar
I put some little things in the containers but also put instructions for each day. Some examples are "Give mommy and daddy a hug" "Share with your sister" "Draw a pretty picture" and so on. They are going to love it!!

Hope you like them.

Happy scrapping and creating!

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