Monday, November 10, 2008

A new week!

Well it is Monday and that mean a new week. Can you believe how close to Christmas we are? My plan is to be done with Christmas gifts for extended family by Thanksgiving. Then I will focus on the boys and Rob.

There are many things going on this week too. Madison has his first soccer game. He is so excited to be goalie for FSUS and I am so excited for him too. He just loves soccer and so does Rob. That is one of many things they have in common.

Rob has a full week at work. I love him so much and am very proud of all he does for our family. He is a great provider and protector. (Even though he sometimes does not think so.) He is everything I need.

There are so many things to plan in the next few weeks. We usually travel at some point during the holiday season, but I think we might stay home this year. Just need to save the money. We will see for sure.

Well here is to another week in 2008. (Not many of them left!)

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