Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life goes on...

Seems like time keeps going even though I want to slow down. The first week of school went by so fast. Now the second week is almost over!! It is already September!!! Where did the summer go? I think that as I get older the years fly by so much faster. It is not fair. My youngest started High School this year. That was hard. I remember when my oldest went to pre-school!! Where have all the years gone? Good thing I have been scrapping for so long. I can just go back and see where all the years went.

Well I have been wanting to scrap, but just too tired to sit and do it... but tonight was different. I did get a few LO's done and a card. Will post them next. I also have some other stuff I need to share. Just have not posted them. Let me go look and see what is not posted. Be back soon.

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