Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I need a 12 step program!!!!

Ok, I know that I have a problem. I love paper!!!! I know that I cannot resist it when it is on sale. I have hundreds of sheets of paper and still buy more!!! How can I stop?!?! Well maybe I don't really want to stop. I just don't know how I could use all that I have, but I have to buy more when it is on sale! I think I have an addiction!!!!! At least it is an addiction to paper and not something worse. I just wish there was a way I could use all this paper.

I have even used my paper to wrap gifts. I have let my kids cut it up to use it for projects. I have let my mom use it to make beads. I don't think I am a paper hoarder, because I will freely give it away. But I know that I have a problem.

I think that there are others like me. Even if they wont admit it. I know that some people have to have more paper than me. (I hope so!!)

I guess this is step one of my 12 step program... NOT!! I don't think I could ever stop buying paper. It is an addiction!!!

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