Thursday, October 1, 2009

52 Sketches... 52 Weeks sketch #39

I love 52 sketches... 52weeks ning group. I have gotten so many LO's done this year thanks to Julie Bonner and the design team! This time I decided to break out the old photos that I still need to scrap. I have some from 1999 that I found recently in a box in the closet. I was so happy to find them. I remember taking many of the photos and I wondered what happened to them. I have wanted to scrap all week, but things kept getting in the way. From sick kids, to hurt kids, to friends in need. They all come before my scrapping. But it was nice to sit down tonight and finish this LO that I started last night before my son called to tell me that he thought he broke his hand. So I had to leave it to spend 3 hours at the ER. They said it was not broken, but it looks sooo bad that we will go back to the regular dr tomorrow. Any prayers are appreciated.

So on to the LO...

Fishing is fun

I just love the way my boys look. I cannot believe this was so long ago. It seems like yesterday! Time seems to have just flown right by!! It is hard to believe that they are 18, 17 and 15 now!!!

Happy Scrapping,


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  1. Yuck to ER visits... hope he's feeling better soon!

    CUTE LO... ♥ that fish & hook! :-)