Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My first LO since I reorganized!

Well I decided to work on a LO last night and see if I could get it done in one night. I was already making some Hat Pins thanks to a great tutorial that a friend posted on Cafe Mom. Here is the link... Adina

So this is it...

My Boys

The swirls are hand stitched. I found the templates in my stash of tools when I reorganized. I had a lot of fun making all the elements on the LO.



  1. SUPER cute, Celina! i LOVE the stitching, and the awesome distressed letters, and the pins! i know where you got that tutorial, and i want to try it, too!

    congrats on the newly organized space, and welcome back! :)

  2. AWESOME job Celina, thanks for playing... :) I'll count it for both challenges cause you RAWKED it! :)